A Basic Android Project with proper structure and all necessary dependencies.

What is this repo for?

-When you need to create a new project. Simply clone this project and all of your basic structure and classes will be added quickly.

-Also this project have wide number of utility methods which makes your life easier.

Including things

-Different pakages for all basic things e.g UI, models, Utils, interfaces etc.

-BaseActivity and BaseFragment with common use methods.

-Interfaces for common use.

-Basic usage dependencies e.g sdp,ssp for size.

-Utility class for common and mostly used functions.

-Permission Utils for all permission related task e.g request permission, check permission etc

-Device Utils for all device related functions e.g Screen size, Screen density, mac address etc


-Extend your activities with BaseAcvity class

-Extend your fragments with BaseFragment class


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