YASNAC (short for Yet Another SafetyNet Attestation Checker) is an Android app that demonstrates SafetyNet Attestation API.

YASNAC is written with Jetpack Compose.


SafetyNet is developed by Google, it provides a set of services and APIs.
SafetyNet Attestation API provides a cryptographically-signed attestation, assessing the device’s integrity. The app developer can use SafetyNet Attestation API to check if the device is an emulator, bootloader unlocked, system integrity compromised (root for example), etc. Read the document from Google for more.

This app uses SafetyNet Attestation API and displays the result.

In the production environment, the response of the SafetyNet Attestation API should be transfer to a remote server for verification. As a simple demonstration project, it is impractical to provide a server, so the verification step runs locally.


GitHub release

Release apk uses our API key, which has a quota of 10,000 times per day. The quota is shared across all users. If the quota is exhausted, you will see an error.


  1. Obtain an API key by following the guide from Google
  2. Write the key to local.properties in the form of apiKey=YOUR_API_KEY
  3. Build with Android Studio or command line gradlew :app:aR

Something else

Android’s Key Attestation API is used by SafetyNet to check if the device is unlocked.

Key Attestation (vvb2060/KeyAttestation) is another demonstrate app for the Key Attestation API.