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Wallpaper is a Wallpaper and ringtone Application which allows user to set and download Wallpaper or ringtone.You can also make any Wallpaper your favourite
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  • Account Activity|Home Fragment |Ringtone Fragment



  • Uses Firebase Firestore, Google authentication

  • Clean and Simple Material UI.

  • Low APK Size (only 3MB).

Following libraries and tools were used in development ->

  • Firebase – Firebase for server side backend
        Firebase Authentication-To authenticate user using Email and Google Providers
        Firebase Cloud Firestore-To Store list of Favourite Wallpaper by user

  • Kotlin Coroutines – For asynchronous and more..

  • Glide -To load Wallpaper from url

  • PhotoView-TO Load Large Image of Wallpaper Which allow user to Zoom in and Zoom out

  • Volley TO Fetch data from Wallpaper api

  • okhttps To fetch data from music api

  • Api’s used:Api’s used in this Application:
        Pexels Apip-Provide Json Response which include list of Curated Pictures and Searched Pictures
        iTunes Search Api-To get Json Response of Search song which includes Preview url which used as Ringtone in this Application


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