app name = “ViolaDent”

version = “1.0”

versionCode = 1

Screen 1 “RetailProduct”

  The first screen contains a list of products, a button to change the configuration of a
  product cell, a button to go to the selection of product categories, a button to go to 
  general information about the company.

Screen 2 “PersonProduct”

  You can go to it by clicking on the cell with the product on the RetailProduct
  It has a photo of the product, description, quantity, price and manufacturer.
  Two buttons go to the product page on the website and call the seller

Screen 3 “CategoriesProduct”

  You can select the categories of the desired products by clicking on the cell.
  There is a button to save the selection and back.

Screen 4 “AboutUs”

  There is general information about the company and the ability to go to social networks
  by clicking on the buttons marked with pictures of these social networks.


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