Very slim music player with low memory footprint!




Unifield UI, the way I'd like it to be:

  • Colorful, simple and 'unified' UI: no need to navigate between screens;
  • Awesome typeface: Raleway + Roboto condensed;
  • Expandable bottom panel containing the player controls and the settings (if expanded):
    • Played song info: clicking on it You can open the played Artist's page/album or open/close the Artist's page You're exploring (when not playing). The text is scrollable on long click;
    • Skip to previous song (long click to enable reset 1x);
    • Play/pause;
    • Skip to next song;
  • Music organized by Artist (the Artists names are scrollable on long click);
  • 'Revealable' Artist's page: albums + songs (the selected album title and songs titles are scrollable on long click);
  • Colorful alphabetic scrollbar;
  • Search bar (which can be disabled);
  • Dark status bar icons (available from Android Marshmallow);

Settings at hand:

  • Dynamic shuffle button: randomly plays the device or the Artist songs (when the Artist's page is 'revealed');
  • System equalizer (if present on the device);
  • Themes (light and inverted);
  • Search bar visibility;
  • Link to git page;
  • 16 awesome UI accents!;

Other features:

  • Pause/resume when the headsets are (dis)connected;
  • Simple audio focus (notifications, calls, or other media apps) management;

Minimal code:

Based on nothing: it was written from scratch besides few snippets here and there

What does this cost?

Music Player GO will always be free! Anyway, you can still buy me a beer, an ice cream or something via PayPal if You really liked it! :)

Dependencies/API used:

  • AndroidX;
  • ViewModel and LiveData;
  • Android Support Design (Material Design Components);
  • Android Support Library v4 core-utils;
  • Android Support Library v4 media-compat;