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Very slim music player with low memory footprint

Very slim music player with low memory footprint


Very slim music player with low memory footprint!




Unifield UI, the way I'd like it to be:

  • Colorful, simple and 'unified' UI: no need to navigate between screens;
  • Awesome typeface: Raleway + Roboto condensed;
  • Expandable bottom panel containing the player controls and the settings (if expanded):
    • Played song info: clicking on it You can open the played Artist's page/album or open/close the Artist's page You're exploring (when not playing). The text is scrollable on long click;
    • Skip to previous song (long click to enable reset 1x);
    • Play/pause;
    • Skip to next song;
  • Music organized by Artist (the Artists names are scrollable on long click);
  • 'Revealable' Artist's page: albums + songs (the selected album title and songs titles are scrollable on long click);
  • Colorful alphabetic scrollbar;
  • Search bar (which can be disabled);
  • Dark status bar icons (available from Android Marshmallow);

Settings at hand:

  • Dynamic shuffle button: randomly plays the device or the Artist songs (when the Artist's page is 'revealed');
  • System equalizer (if present on the device);
  • Themes (light and inverted);
  • Search bar visibility;
  • Link to git page;
  • 16 awesome UI accents!;

Other features:

  • Pause/resume when the headsets are (dis)connected;
  • Simple audio focus (notifications, calls, or other media apps) management;

Minimal code:

Based on nothing: it was written from scratch besides few snippets here and there

What does this cost?

Music Player GO will always be free! Anyway, you can still buy me a beer, an ice cream or something via PayPal if You really liked it! :)

Dependencies/API used:

  • AndroidX;
  • ViewModel and LiveData;
  • Android Support Design (Material Design Components);
  • Android Support Library v4 core-utils;
  • Android Support Library v4 media-compat;