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Ultra Pull to Refresh for Android. Support all the views

Ultra Pull to Refresh for Android. Support all the views

Ultra Pull To Refresh

It's a replacement for the deprecated pull to refresh solution. It can contain any view you want.

It's easy to use and more powerful than SwipeRefreshLayout.

It's well designed, you can customize the UI effect you want as easy as adding a headview to ListView.

Support API LEVEL >= 8, all snapshots are taken from Genymotion, 2.3.7.

  • StoreHouse Style first! Thanks to CBStoreHouseRefreshControl.

  • Material Style, added @ 2014-12-09. There is a beautiful shadow which looks terrible in gif snapshot. Please Check out the DEMO.

  • Supports all of the views:
    ListView, GridView, ScrollView, FrameLayout, or Even a single TextView.

  • Supports all of the refresh types.

    • pull to refresh

    • release to refresh

    • keep header when refresh

    • hide header when refresh

    • auto refresh


Maven Central

This project has been pushed to Maven Central, both in aar and apklib.

The latest version: 1.0.11, has been published to: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots, in gradle:

maven {
    url 'https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots'

The stable version: 1.0.11, https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/releases, in gradle:


pom.xml, latest version:

    <!-- or apklib format, if you want -->
    <!-- <type>apklib</type> -->

pom.xml, stable version:

    <!-- or apklib format, if you want -->
    <!-- <type>apklib</type> -->

gradle, latest version:

compile 'in.srain.cube:ultra-ptr:1.0.11'

gradle, stable version:

compile 'in.srain.cube:ultra-ptr:1.0.11'


There are 6 properties:

  • Resistence

    This is the resistence while you are moving the frame, default is: 1.7f.

  • Ratio of the Height of the Header to Refresh

    The ratio of the height of the header to trigger refresh, default is: 1.2f.

  • Duration to Close

    The duration for moving from the position you relase the view to the height of header, default is 200ms.

  • Duration to Close Header

    The default value is 1000ms

  • Keep Header while Refreshing

    The default value is true.

  • Pull to Refresh / Release to Refresh

    The default value is Release to Refresh.

Config in xml

    cube_ptr:ptr_pull_to_fresh="false" >


            android:layout_height="match_parent" />


Or config in java code

// the following are default settings
// default is false
// default is true

Other Config

  • setPinContent. Pin the content, only the HeaderView will be moved.

    This's the the performance of material style in support package v19.

StoreHouse Style

  • Config using string:
// header
final StoreHouseHeader header = new StoreHouseHeader(getContext());
header.setPadding(0, LocalDisplay.dp2px(15), 0, 0);

 * using a string, support: A-Z 0-9 - .
 * you can add more letters by {@link in.srain.cube.views.ptr.header.StoreHousePath#addChar}
  • Config using string array from xml:

And in res/values/arrays.xml:

    <string-array name="storehouse">

Process Refresh

There is a PtrHandler, by which you can refresh the data.

public interface PtrHandler {

     * Check can do refresh or not. For example the content is empty or the first child is in view.
     * <p/>
     * {@link in.srain.cube.views.ptr.PtrDefaultHandler#checkContentCanBePulledDown}
    public boolean checkCanDoRefresh(final PtrFrameLayout frame, final View content, final View header);

     * When refresh begin
     * @param frame
    public void onRefreshBegin(final PtrFrameLayout frame);

An example:

ptrFrame.setPtrHandler(new PtrHandler() {
    public void onRefreshBegin(PtrFrameLayout frame) {
        frame.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
        }, 1800);

    public boolean checkCanDoRefresh(PtrFrameLayout frame, View content, View header) {
        return PtrDefaultHandler.checkContentCanBePulledDown(frame, content, header);


You can add a PtrUIHandler to PtrFrameLayout to implement any UI effect you want.

public interface PtrUIHandler {

     * When the content view has reached top and refresh has been completed, view will be reset.
     * @param frame
    public void onUIReset(PtrFrameLayout frame);

     * prepare for loading
     * @param frame
    public void onUIRefreshPrepare(PtrFrameLayout frame);

     * perform refreshing UI
    public void onUIRefreshBegin(PtrFrameLayout frame);

     * perform UI after refresh
    public void onUIRefreshComplete(PtrFrameLayout frame);

    public void onUIPositionChange(PtrFrameLayout frame, boolean isUnderTouch, byte status, int oldPosition, int currentPosition, float oldPercent, float currentPercent);

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