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Twelveish - Android Wear/Wear OS Watch Face

Twelveish - Android Wear/Wear OS Watch Face

Twelveish - Watch face for Wear OS (Android Wear)

Twelveish is a unique Wear OS (Android Wear) Watch Face that displays the approximate time in words (in multiple languages). It also shows the exact time (digital clock) and day of the week on the top, date and battery percentage slightly below, a complication on the bottom (on all Wear OS versions and Android Wear versions 2.0 and greater). On top of that, Twelveish is extremely customizable, completely free and open-source.




In addition to what has been mentioned in the description above, Twelveish offers:

  • Over 30 background colors
  • Over 30 text colors
  • 1 Android complication for all Wear OS versions and Android Wear versions 2.0 and greater. This complication is wide by default but can also be round
  • 16 different date format combinations
  • 5 capitalisation options
  • 12 and 24 hour clock formats. Separate for word and digital clocks
  • Options to show/hide almost any information
  • 6 languages (English, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian and Russian)
  • 10 fonts
  • Support for chinned displays (aka flat tire)
  • Support for square displays

Most of the settings above can be set to be different for active and ambient modes, making your watch face even more unique.


You can install Twelveish directly from your computer. Method below describes how to run Twelveish directly from the code and not how to sideload already precompiled .apk file. Instructions assume your watch (or phone) is connected to your computer (either via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or else). You can always install Twelveish directly from your watch (Wear OS and Android Wear version 2.0 and greater) or by installing companion app on your phone first. Download on the Google Play store.


  • Android SDK v28
  • Latest Android Build Tools
  • Android Support Repository
  • Latest Android Studio (recommended) or other IDE
  • Developer options and ADB debugging enabled


  1. Download the source code or clone the repository.
  2. Open Android Studio and choose "Open an Existing Android Studio Project".
  3. Choose module "app" for Watch Face or "phone" for a companion app.
  4. Click the Run button.


Should you wish to contribute with translations you can contact me via email at [email protected] so I could send you the instructions. You would have to translate 12 prefixes, 12 suffixes, 24 numbers and 7 days of the week.

If you notice any bugs you can create an issue with a detailed explanation. Issues section should not be used for feature requests.

More advanced users can create their own pull requests with new translations, bug fixes or features.


From version 1.1.1 upwards, Twelveish versioning follows this scheme:

  • Version code: number of commits to this repository.

  • Version name: x.y.z, where z increases by 1 with at least one fix compared to the previous version, y increases by 1 with at least one new feature. y and x additionally increase by 1 if the number after it reaches 10. In that case the number that reaches 10 reverts back to 0.

Versions 1.0.0-1.0.5 followed this scheme:

  • Version code: number of commits to this repository

  • Version name: 1.0.x, where x is the release number -1.

Phone/companion app (module "phone") follows the same versioning except that the version code is always smaller by 1.