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Trikot / kotlin multiplatform libraries

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Trikot is a framework that helps building kotlin multiplatform apps. iOS, android and web are the primary targets.


Module Description Foundation classes and building blocks
trikot.streams Reactive streams
trikot.datasources Cascading data access layers abstraction.
trikot.http Multiplatform http client with native platform implementations.
trikot.graphql GraphQL query client built over trikot.http and trikot.datasources. Android and iOS analytics providers.
trikot.bluetooth Android and iOS bluetooth.
trikot.kword i18N with code generation for string keys.
trikot.viewmodels ViewModels for imperative frameworks (Android views and UIKit).
trikot.viewmodels.declarative ViewModels for declarative framework (Jetpack compose and SwiftUI).



Trikot is © 2018-2022 Mirego and may be freely distributed under the New BSD license. See the file.

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