TrackMySleepQuality – Final Code for 6.3 Recording Quality & Button States

Solution code for Android Kotlin Fundamentals Codelab 6.3 Recording Quality & Button States


TrackMySleepQuality is an app for recording sleep data for each night.
You can record a start and stop time, assign a quality rating, and clear the database.

In this codelab, working from this starter app, you:

  • Extended the TrackMySleepQuality app to collect a quality rating, add it to the database and display the result.
  • Usedd LiveData to trigger showing of a snackbar.
  • Use LiveData to enable and disable buttons.


You should be familiar with:

  • Navigating between fragments, and using safeArgs to pass data between fragments.
  • View models, view model factories, Transformations, and LiveData and their observers
    from the preceding Architecture Components codelab[LINK].
  • How to create a Room database, create a DAO, and define entities.
  • How to use coroutines for database interactions and other long-running tasks.

Getting Started

  1. Download and run the app.


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