This app helps users to keep tabs on their mental well being.
This app has been created using Android Studio as part of the Byte Synergy Hackathon by
Sankalp Kothari and Siddharth Kothari (DevFolio usernamnes: Sankalp04 and siddharth9403 respectively) under tracks Open Innovity and Healthcare.
Our app contains four simple fragments, Start, Input, Questions and Feedback.
Start Fragment displays some basic information about the app.
Input Fragment asks the user two questions: whether they are students/working professionals and whether they are single/in a relationship.
The Quiz is personalized based on these responses.
We don’t ask for any other information to maintain user anonymity.
The quiz has a total of 5 categories on which questions are asked and based on user’s responses, feedbacks are provided.
The 5 categories are: Work/Academics, Relationship/Single, Peer group, internet addictions, self love.
The app stores scores for each option that the user selects and on the basis of the scores for each category, feedbacks are displayed at the end of the questionnaire.
The app opens on the Start Fragment, where the take test button takes us to the input fragment. The Input Fragment has radio button inputs to ask the user
whether they are working/students and single/in a relationship.
The Start Quiz button then takes user to the Questions Fragment where questions are displayed one by one.
After completion of all the questions, a dialog is diplayed signifying the end of the quiz.
Click on GET RESULTS to view the feedbacks.


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