Structurizr Site Generatr

A static site generator for C4 architecture models created with Structrizr DSL. See Background for the story behind this tool.


  • Generate a static HTML site, based on a Structurizr DSL workspace.
  • Generates diagrams in SVG, PNG and PlantUML format, which can be viewed and downloaded from the generated site.
  • Include workspace-level documentation (in Markdown format) in the generated site.
  • Include system-level ADR’s in the generated site.
  • Include static assets in the generated site, which can be used in ADR’s and workspace-level documentation.
  • Generate a site from a Structurizr DSL model in a Git repository. Supports multiple branches, which makes it possible to for example maintain an actual state in master and one or more future states in feature branches. The generated site includes diagrams for all configured branches.
  • Include a version number in the generated site.


At Avisi, we’re big fans of the C4 model. We use it in many projects, big and small, to document the architecture of the systems and system landscapes we’re working on.

We started out by using PlantUML, combined with the C4 extension. This works well for small systems. However, for larger application landscapes, maintained by multiple development teams, this lead to duplication and inconsistency across diagrams.

To solve this problem, we needed a model based approach. Rather than maintaining separate diagrams and trying to keep them consistent, we needed to have a single model, from which diagrams could be generated. This is why we started using the Structurizr for Java library. About a year later, we migrated our models to Structurizr DSL.

We created custom tooling to generate diagrams and check them in to our Git repository. All diagrams could be seen by navigating to our GitLab repository. This is less than ideal, because we like to make these diagrams easily accessible to everyone, including our customers. This is why we decided that we needed a way of publishing our models to an easily accessible website.

This tool is the result. It’s still a work in progress, but it has already proven to be very useful to us.


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