This android library will help to show the marker move along the route and turn smoothly along the road curves.



Pass the Marker to animate, googlemap, Latlng of current position of the marker, Latlng of curent position of the user,
duration of the animation & Cancellable Callback interface of googlemap.

CarMoveAnim.startcarAnimation(marker,googleMap, startposition,endposition,duration,callback);

Here marker,googlemap,startposition refers to the position of marker,end position refers to the position of the user or wherever the marker needs to be placed. These four fields are mandatory.


duration refers to the animation time. By default it will take 3000 even if 0 is passed.
callback is the interface of Googlemap.CancellabeCallback(). It requires when the user wants to animate the next animation
after the first has finished else just pass null.

For eg-

new GoogleMap.CancelableCallback() {
                public void onFinish() {                
                public void onCancel() {               

If you are animating car onLocationChanged() then,
Ideal location request for car animation should be as below. Greater than the interval mentioned will give
more good results but less than this may hamper the animation.

 mLocationRequest = new LocationRequest();
 mLocationRequest.setInterval(1000 * 5);
 mLocationRequest.setFastestInterval(1000 * 3);


App Level:
implementation 'com.github.tintinscorpion:CarMarker-Animation:1.1'
Project Level:
maven { url '' }