💫 Kanata

Small microservice to handle state changes of Kubernetes pods and post them to Instatus or Statuspages

🤔 Why?

I don’t really want to implement and repeat code to report the pod’s state on Instatus on every project I make,
so I made it as a small, scalable microservice that shouldn’t be down most of the time unless the Kubernetes
cluster needs to restart.

The name is inspired by one my favourite vtubers I like to watch, Amane Kanata.

🖥️ Installation

You can install Kanata using your own machine or with Docker! Kanata
is meant supposed to be small, and easy to use. All you really need installed
is JDK 16.

I provide a Docker image over at Docker Hub if you want to run
Kanata in a Docker container.


All you really need to do is:

# 1. Pull the image off of Docker Hub
$ docker pull noelware/kanata:latest # you can also specify a version or commit hash

# 2. Run it!
$ docker run -d -p <host>:22903 --name kanata --restart always \
  -v /path/to/config:/app/noelware/kanata/config.yml \
  noelware/kanata:latest # or specify the version / hash you used

Git Repository

You will need the Git command tools installed before proceeding.

# 1. Clone the repository
$ git clone https://github.com/auguwu/Kanata && cd Kanata

# 2. Run `build` to build the JAR file.
$ ./gradlew build # or `.\gradlew` on PowerShell or `gradlew` in CMD

# 3. Run the jar file!
$ java -jar ./build/libs/Kanata.jar

🪦 Providers

Kanata monitors any Kubernetes pod available, so it is assured that Kanata
supports many providers like Instatus.

To create your own provider, you can add a provider by contributing! A basic provider
would be like:

import dev.floofy.kanata.providers.IProvider
import dev.floofy.kanata.Kanata

class MyProvider(kanata: Kanata): IProvider(kanata) {
    override val name: String = "my:provider:name"
    override suspend fun dispatch(data: StatusPacket) {
        // dispatched when we receive a status update.

And submit a Pull Request!~

⚡ License

Kanata is released under the GPL-3.0 License, read here for more information!