Skiko multiplatform shader


run iOS with Xcode

  • Works only on Mac with Intel CPU (for now)
  • Install xcodegen
  • run xcodegen
  • run open SkikoSample.xcodeproj

run iOS with debug in AppCode

  • If you need to debug skiko sources without publish to maven local, then set environment variable export SKIKO_COMPOSITE_BUILD=1 (on MacOS in ~/.zshrc)
  • Install KMM plugin for AppCode
  • In AppCode open samples/SkiaMultiplatformSample (File -> Open). Choose “Open as Project”. import-build-gradle-project.png
  • Set target device and Run ios-run-in-appcode.png
  • Now you may use breakpoints in common and native Kotlin code

run on browser:

  • ./gradlew jsBrowserRun

run desktop awt:

  • ./gradlew runAwt

run desktop on native MacOS

  • ./gradlew runNative


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