RxJava, Room, DI (Hilt), Jetpack, Shared element transition. clean MVVM architecture, Retrofit

Cats need your help, we want to build an app where everyone can login and see beautiful cats, because they are so amazing.

For the login part, our backend is not yet ready, so you will need to mock the backend responses, and do a “local” login until the backend is ready.


When our catstomers enter our app, we want that they see an alphabetical ordered list of all the cat breeds that are available. Customers should be able to filter the breeds by country or name. Each cat breed will be shown in a “card” with a small image on the left side, and the name and description of the cat breed in the rest of the card.

When a card is tapped, we will show a details page, where we will put the image, the name, description, country code, the temperament and Wikipedia link of the particular breed.


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