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Open-sourced and completely free Android TV Shows Tracker

Open-sourced and completely free Android TV Shows Tracker

Showly 2.0

Showly 2.0 is modern, slick, open source Android TV Shows Tracker.

Available on the Google Play Store and soon also on F-Droid.

Project Setup

  1. Clone repository and open project in the latest version of Android Studio.
  2. Create keystore.properties file and put it in the /app folder.
  3. Add following properties into keystore.properties file (values are not important at this moment):
  1. Add your Trakt.tv and TVDB api keys as following properties into your local.properties file located in the root directory of the project:
traktClientId="your trakt client id"
traktClientSecret="your trakt client secret"
tvdbApiKey="your tvdb api key"
  1. Generate your own Firebase google-services.json file and put it in the /app directory.
  2. Rebuild and start the app.

Issues & Contributions

Feel free to post ideas and problems as Github Issues.

Pull requests are welcome. Remember about leaving a comment in the relevant issue if you are working on something.