Showly 2.0

Showly 2.0 is modern, slick, open source Android TV Shows Tracker.

Available on the Google Play Store and soon also on F-Droid.

Project Setup

  1. Clone repository and open project in the latest version of Android Studio.
  2. Create file and put it in the /app folder.
  3. Add following properties into file (values are not important at this moment):
  1. Add your and TVDB api keys as following properties into your file located in the root directory of the project:
traktClientId="your trakt client id"
traktClientSecret="your trakt client secret"
tvdbApiKey="your tvdb api key"
  1. Generate your own Firebase google-services.json file and put it in the /app directory.
  2. Rebuild and start the app.

Issues & Contributions

Feel free to post ideas and problems as Github Issues.

Pull requests are welcome. Remember about leaving a comment in the relevant issue if you are working on something.