Remove ads in Accuradio & Spotify



  • Block ads on Accuradio android & Spotify android
  • Minimal UI
  • App size less than 200KB
  • Configure which apps to remove ads in
  • Open source
  • No inapp purchases or ads

Supported apps?

app support
Accuradio yes
Spotify yes
  • If you want this to work on a different app, open an issue here and mention the app/audio streaming service.
  • Since this is built with Accuradio in mind, no other apps are supported for now, but Implementing other apps should be quite easy.
  • Spotify is now supported.
  • Easily extensible to other apps.


  • Ad blocker for Accuradio android is not available.
  • wanted a lightweight & non bloat app with size lessthan 1mb
  • wanted a minimal ui
    • below is the Total UI of the app.

    ad notification
    configure apps

How this works

This is possible because of NotificationListenerService on android. Granted, the user gave permission to this setting.

  • While music is playing, the following notification is present.

ad notification

  • I then parse the notification and stop it from playing.

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