WARPT is a mod that messes with the average skyblock player’s session. You will hate using this mod, as much as I hate skyblock in its current state. It makes the game a little more challenging, which means that it is a mod that makes the game more fun. When I mean more fun, I mean the mod bullies you and it basically makes it so your life is going to be more challenging.

Don’t complain about intentional features to mod developers because it is most likely from this mod. I’m sorry Geek, but you have a lot more shit to sort out because of my mod lol

Enjoying Skyblock was never an option. Welcome to hell.


This mod utilizes Essential, which you cannot remove due to the mod requiring its libraries to run. If you do not want Essential, don’t agree to the terms of service. Don’t come begging in the issues asking for Essential to be removed.

Essential has been optimized to the point where it shouldn’t cause much of a performance impact. It isn’t malware or spyware of any kind. You can find more about the privacy policy here >> https://essential.gg/privacy-policy .

Intentional Features (Bugs are intentional features)

Crashes with mods that haven’t been updated for a while and literally don’t help(i.e. betterFPS)

Crashes with SBE

Step on grass crash

Crashes with any cheats (You don’t get to cheat in this hard game)

Crashes with Labymod (It overwrites with a ton of shit)

Crash on any scale of obfuscation (I hate your obfuscated mods)

High Contrast mode?

Oh yeah you cannot turn any of this shit off so have fun.

More features soon I guess?


Skytils – Lily and Sychic

Essentials, Vigilance, Elementa – Sk1er LLC & Spark Universe


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