Listen to your favourite songs from Spotify with your friends in Discord (via Spotify Connect)

Requires Spotify Premium. This project is self-host only, if you don’t know how to do this, Adieux is not for you.



  • Coming soon

Prebuilt JAR:

  • Coming soon

In your IDE:

  • To run Adieux inside of your IDE, make sure that you have your environment variables set correctly in your run configuration.
  • You will also need a credentials.json file in the project’s root directory, which can be generated by using the AdieuxZeroconfPlayer instead
    of AdieuxCredentialsPlayer. Once you have tried to cast to the AdieuxZeroconfPlayer at least once,
    a credentials.json file will be created automatically.

Environment Variables

To run this project, you will need to add the following environment variables to your .env file

adieux.token: The discord bot token

adieux.user: Your discord user id