Adventuresmith is an Android app for randomly generating elements for tabletop RPGs (names, spells, items, monsters, characters, alien worlds, etc). Adventuresmith is free, and ad-free (and will remain so).

Adventuresmith software is licensed under the GPL. Depending on the source of the content, the licensing terms of the content within Adventuresmith varies -- see this section for content attribution and information about the content within the app.

How to use the app

Random tables are a great tool to provide a framework for improvisation.

During game prep or in-game, if you have a choice of:

"you meet a person in the city, who are they?"


alt text

the second gives you many more hooks to help you create a memorable character to interact with
your players.

Or, if you decide your party encounters a humanoid in the woods...

alt text

... would you have come up with an asthmatic half-orc bandit, laying a trap?


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If you're interested in creating generators, or want to run Adventuresmith on the desktop, there
are instructions on the wiki


Bugs? Feature Requests? You can provide feedback here

Want to keep up with development? Here's the G+ community


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