From Swedish “Öppettider”, an app to quickly access your favorite places’ opening times.

Built to practice Android development and try out Jetpack Compose.


V0 (fully offline)

  • show the list of places stored in the local database in the main activity
  • show place details in a secondary activity
    • name
    • address
    • opening times
    • notes
  • add, edit and remove opening times for a given place
  • search local database


  • query Google APIs and/or similar (YELP, Facebook…) to get and update opening times automatically
  • optionally use GPS to order search results by distance from current position

Future features

  • show a place’s current status already in the list (open until/closed until/permanently closed)
  • highlight current day when showing a place’s details
  • favorites (show only those on startup)
  • (customizable) categories (to be used e.g. when searching)




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