This is an application for analyzing a picture you took or are selected from the photo. If you give app a scenic photo then app might give you the information of the place name, the similar place photo, ... etc. In the near future, we'll add more function for anaylzing the picture.


We're using Clean Architecture to build this App. There're few layers as well-known
Presentation, Domain, Data layer. Also, I add an extra universal module ext for making
extension library in Kotlin.


As long as you know Clean Architecture, this layer is responsible in showing the data from the
Data layer and handle thread to UI thread for changing the UI state and here is including
Android SDK.

We're using the coroutine not RxJava here because the coroutines are lighter than thread,


Here's totally pure Kotlin library without Android SDK.


We're still using Retrofit2 + RxJava here. This layer is including the Android SDK in order to
using the database and Firebase service.

Whole Architecture

Used libraries

  • Coroutine
  • Anko
  • RxKotlin
  • Retrofit 2
  • Gson
  • Live Data
  • Firebase
  • DBFlow
  • Kodein
  • Glide

We'll focus on using Android Architecture Component, near future they will be added one by one.