Food Recipe is an android app that teach you to cook food. Food recipe have detail instruction of each food, and it provides you YouTube link so that you can video how to make that food.


Dowlord FoodRecipe apk file:

photo_2022-06-30_00-10-07 photo_2022-06-30_00-10-29 photo_2022-06-30_00-08-34 photo_2022-06-30_00-10-18 photo_2022-06-30_00-10-24 photo_2022-06-30_00-11-10

Libraries and technologies used

  • Navigation component : one activity contains multiple fragments instead of creating multiple activites.
  • Retrofit : making HTTP connection with the rest API and convert meal json file to Kotlin/Java object.
  • Room : Save meals in local database.
  • MVVM & LiveData : Saperate logic code from views
  • view binding : instead of inflating views manually view binding will take care of that.
  • Glide : Catch images and load them in imageView.


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