Chess Games Extractor

Extracts chess games to a file.

The main goal is presenting an easy way to test your chess algorithm, for any special cases, by sending thousands of
games to you for you to use as you please (but specially testing your chess algorithm).

All games are taken from by using the official API.


Just run the .jar with the argument being how many games you want to obtain, and the .txt with all the games
will appear in the location the .jar was executed.


I myself (plus my group) made a chess game/algorithm as a project for college,
more specifically for the subject of “Software Development Techniques”, where testing was an important part of the
goals of that subject. Unit tests where a thing we used a lot, of course, and every software developer should use them
to assure a good functioning of each part of the code.

However, since I’m a perfectionist, I wasn’t too fond of only testing my chess algorithm though unit tests, as a lot of
specific cases still might not be tested for. And chess has the possibility of basically infinite different games.
The solution was implementing this exact code, were data from API is retrieved, and then creating a simple
function to play the moves in order. This is the chess project in question (Still not available)


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