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External plugins for use with OpenOSRS, this is a seperate entity, not OpenOSRS.

Add this repo to your external plugins manager by clicking the top right + button.
Make sure it looks like this picture below.

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All delays values below are in milliseconds.

  • Min: The absolute minimum delay it can use.
  • Max: The absolute maximum delay it can use.
  • Target: The peak of the curve, the value most commonly used.
  • Deviation: How far it can deviate from target and still remain common.
  • Weighted Distribution: This will turn the standard bell curve into a right shifted bell curve.

Below is a picture of a 10,000,000 click sample size at settings min=20, max=80, target=50, deviation=5.
Blue is weighted distribution.
Green is standard distribution.


  • Auto Clicker: This plugin will automatically click where you are hovering when you press the hotkey.
  • Auto Pray Flick: This plugin will attempt to automatically flick your prayers, simply place your cursor over the prayer orb, and press the hotkey.
  • Custom Swapper: One of the more robust plugins, this allows you to execute prebaked commands, such as Equip, Prayer, Cast, Remove, and so on. You can for instance, equip a set of gear, enable your prayer, then activate special all in one hotkey!
  • Item Dropper: Pretty self-explanatory, put the ids of the items you want to drop into the config field, and then hit the hotkey. Voila, pesky items begone.
  • Left Click Cast: Whenever you’re wielding a staff or wand, it will change your Attack entry into a Cast entry, based on what spell you have set in the config. Now you too can become decent at PvP!
  • Never Log: Activate the plugin, and it will make it so you wont logout until you hit the forced logout timer.
  • Nylo Swapper: This will change your gear and prayers during the Nylocas fight in Theatre of Blood.
  • Olm Swapper: This will change your prayers during the Olm encounter at Chambers of Xeric.
  • One Click: Probably the most popular plugin, this plugin allows you to simplify quite a large variety of tasks by reducing the amount of clicks to… 1. For instance, instead of clicking a bone and using it on the altar, just click the altar, or set a custom one inventory one click in the config. You could for instance set it to use an Apple on an Orange in one click if you desired.
If you’d like to see what other plugins I offer, make sure to check my discord channel #Platinum-Info


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