Discord Rich Presence for Android

How do I install?

Go to latest releases and download the latest apk Then install

What can this do?

It can set Rich Presence from your Android phone or tablet! Now with Buttons!

I’m confused, where do I start?

  1. When you open the app for the first time, click this icon on the bottom left

    Login Icon

  2. Then Click the login button and Login

    Note: if your phone is rooted, I should warn you that you are putting sensitive information and as your phone is not safe, your token can be leaked

  3. After you have logged in, click the bottom middle icon which is where you what you see when you open the app.

    Presence Icon

  4. Then click the Rich Presence Tab on the top

    Rich Presence Tab

  5. Then switch on the Activity switch and you can Customize it!

I’m still confused, help!

You can join my server and ask for help, request features and get updates on the app! Join my Discord


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