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A decentralized social media for everyone


This is a source code repository of Castcle Android

All works and source files published in this repository are
under GNU AGPLv3 license terms.

How-to setup project


In v3+, we plan to launch Castcle Features in Castcle application, including Castcle Photo and Castcle Watch, which will provide the richer user experiences than a simple content feed reading in v1. See examples below.


In v2+, the additional Castcle Circles, not only For You circle, will be available. Each Castcle Circle is designed to represent different social bubble. For exmaple, when user navigates to Friends circle, he/she will only see contents posted by his/her family and friends. Then, when he/she changes to Following circle, he/she will see a flood of contents that he/she subscribes to. There are many more circles that we plan to provide such as Now, a circle which prioritize new contents to come first, Topics, a circle that feed contents on the topics that user interests, etc.


For more about Castcle Platform, please
visit Castcle API repository to see project Abstracts,
Key Ideas and also the Whitepaper


While Castcle Application is still under Work in Progress, you can see the demo of v3
which we plan to release in the first quarter of
Y2022 here.

The Circle Experience: Let’s Burst our Social Bubbles

Since Castcle Circle is designed to represent user’s social bubble (see the explanation here), we intentionally design the application UX letting individual user change circle, navigate through social bubbles, by swiping left or right on the screen. This will allow user to jump from one social bubble to other social bubbles easily, resulting in reducing the Echo Chamber effect, as shown in the image on the left hand side.
Features Examples: Feed, Photo and Watch
Feed Photo Watch

Getting Started

  • Setup the Codestyle:

    • From Android Studio: AS → Preferences → Code Style → Scheme (Click on the settings icon) →
      Import Scheme -> navigate to config/codestyle.xml -> Confirm
  • Import macro setting (Reformatting & SaveAll)

    • Go to Android Studio
      • File > Manage IDE Settings > Import Settings > Browse config/
      • After import > Edit > Macros > See like picture
      • Set hotkey
        • Go to Android Studio > Preferences > Keymap > typing Reformatting & SaveAll > Add
          Keyboard shortcut with ⌘S > OK > Remove > OK


V1 (Sep 2021)

The following key features are planned to be released at the end of September, 2021.

  • Castcle Features: Feed only
  • Castcle Circles: For You only (may be Topics also)
  • Castcle Services: User Feed, Authentications (via email and social accounts), Page, User/Page Profile & Timeline

V2 (Dec 2021)

The following key features are planned to be released at the end of December, 2021.

  • Castcle Features:
  • Castcle Circles: add Following, Friends and Topics
  • Castcle Services: Friend Request, CAST Token (rewarding system), Castcle Wallet, Ads, BC Exchange Integration (via API)

V3 (Mar 2022)

  • Castcle Features: Photo, Watch (and may be Features Switcher also)
  • Castcle Circles: add Profession
  • Castcle Services:



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