Attendance Management


Problem Statement:

Based on the observation, there is no available student attendance system in many educational institutions. Many educational institutions is still practicing the manualway of taking daily attendance. Lecturer distributes attendance sheet to be sign bystudent during class session or personally marked the attendance sheet one by one by calling out student name accordingly. However, the attendance sheet can be lost easily and the whole attendance process is tending to human mistake.Consequently, data loss may happen and the data in attendance list might beinaccurate due to deception. Besides, lecturer needs to manually analyze number of absences and calculate the percentage of present from the attendance list collectedor recorded. Lecturer needs to identify number of absentees based on each subject with the respective classes that he or she taught. At the end of the semester,lecturer required to calculate the percentage of present of each student to make sure the student can take their final exam for the respective subject. Therefore, it is time consuming and the result of calculation might go wrong when lecturer missed outsome of the data in the attendance record. In addition, lecturer needs to manually write all the details about the attendance data to the appropriate documents when needed. Warning letter will be distributed to the student when the student total number of absences is 3 or 6 time from the total class session according to student attendance policy.

On the other hand, attendance report also needs to befilled in by all the lecturers at the end of the semester based on each subject taught.This is to determine whether all the students met the university attendance policy before student is allow to take the final exam. However, all the attendance dataneed to be analyzed manually first before warning letter and attendance reportdocument can be filled in. All this work has indirectly increases lecturers’ work.This system developed will reduce the manual work and avoid redundant data. By maintaining the attendance manually, then efficient reports cannot be generated.The system can generate efficient weekly, consolidate report based on the attendance. As the attendances are maintained in registers it has been a tough task for admin and staff to maintain for long time. Instead the software can keep longand retrieve the information when needed.

Proposed Solution :

To overcome the drawbacks of the existing system, the proposed system has beenevolved. This project aims to reduce the paper work and saving time to generate
accurate results from the student’s attendance. The system provides with the best user interface. The efficient reports can be generated by using this proposedsystem.

Advantages of Proposed System

  • It is trouble-free to use.
  • It is a relatively fast approach to enter attendance
  • Is highly reliable, approximate result from user
  • Best user Interface
  • Efficient reports

attendace flow
time table flow

Functionality & Concepts used :

I made Attendance Management on Android ( Kotlin ) and Firebase for backend and authentication Firestore for database, storing attendance & bunks of student.

  • Navigation : Users can navigate across activities and fragments.
  • Constraint Layout : activities in the app uses a flexible constraint layout, which is easy to handle for different screen sizes.
  • RecyclerView : List of products queried from firebase is presented in recyclerview efficiently, loading just the items on focus. Learned using Adapter, view holder, layout manager.
  • Kotlin Class and Data model used for firestore queries.

Application Link & Future Scope :

The application is in active development, some more features are needed to be added.
Thanx, Google Developer students club, AITR Indore for the support.

APK : Try app



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