Unity Android SDK Plugins

Unity Android SDK Plugins is an Open Source project that contains code to generate Android SDK/Plugins (.aar files) that can be used in an Unity project to implement/access native Android features.

Available Plugins :

  • pluginbasicutils – Provides basic Android util functions i.e. to show a toast, to check network connectivity know more


  • Download the plugin .aar file that you want to use in your Unity project from releases or build it by yourself and paste the .aar file in your Unity project’s Assets/Plugins/Android directory.
  • Use External Dependency Manager for Unity to resolve the dependencies used in the plugins.
  • Add project config ext variables in project level gradle like:

        compileTargetSDK = 31
        kotlin = '1.5.30'

Check build.gradle for current config.

  • Check out usage code snippet for each plugin in their respective READ_ME files.


If you need an Android unity aar plugin create an issue with feature request or mail us at arupakamanstudios[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

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This project is licensed under the MIT License.


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