Android Sample app to show user latest movies implementing MVI + Clean Architecture using kotlin & Jetpack compose following solid and clean code principles .

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The goal of this app is to show how to implement MVI design pattern with architecture components, clean architecture & Jetpack compose in Kotlin .

Tech stack:

Kotlin, MVI, Jetpack Compose(UI), Hilt, Retrofit, Room, Coroutines, Navigation-component, Package by feature.

Source Code representation :

  • database : Database for the favourite movies selected by user using Room.
  • di : Dependency injection modules supporting Hilt.
  • feature : Contains sub packages which represent the feature screens of the app and also MainActivity class handling navigation between fragment using navigation component.
  • movies : Main Screen with grid displaying all movies list.
  • detail : Detail screen displaying selected movie details & trailer list.
  • theme : Theme values generated by compose to use throughout the app ui.
  • utils : Base level viewModel and AppConstants class.

Each package is divided into multiple packages demonstrated as following.

  • composable : Contains the Composable functions responsible for drawing the UI.
  • data : Contains data layer which has remote data sources with repository implementation.
  • intent : Contains the intent class which hold actions from view to viewmodel.
  • state : Contains the uiState class that is responsible for representing the uiState in the composable function.
  • view : Contains the view layer (fragment/activities).
  • viewmodel : Contains the viewModel.

Please note that each developer has his own style in coding ,The goal is to implement the concepts of the design and architecting in the right way .


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