NewsBreeze is an unofficial newsApi client that gets the lastest breaking news to you.


About App

NewsBreeze is a real-time updating news application. This app uses NewsAPI to get various sources and each source can provide major headlines. It uses Volley to fetch news sources and news headlines from the API and displays in a RecyclerView. App checks for fresh data from API and API is called to get the latest headlines.

This app is developed in Android Studio using Kotlin and XML for designing.


The android app lets you:

  • get the latest breaking news articles and show them in a list.
  • on clicking on an article, shows the full article.
  • all items in the list have a “save to read later” button which saves the articles for reading later in a persistent format until the app is closed.
  • the breaking news list has a search by title feature.
  • save to read later has a list of all news saved and clicking on them shows the full article.
  • sort by date and publication
  • update the news list by clicking on NewsBreeze text on main screen.

Descisions and Assumptions

  • It is mandatory that the list shows default results after a user searched for a particular topic so, NewsBreeze text on main page reloads the default news list on clicking.
  • The color of the bookmark icon changes when a news is saved either by clicking the save button or the bookmark button.
  • The sort feature lets you enter the starting and ending date in yyyy-mm-dd format to get a list of news of that period.
  • The backgorund image is darkened in news description activity so that the title could be read comfortably.
  • Save button in news description also saves the news.
  • The bookmark button on news description activity takes you to the saved news page containing list of all saved news.
  • A splash screen appears when the application is launched.
  • The round icon of the app is also changed to the logo above.


Splash Screen

Main Page

Enabled Searchbar

Sort By Date

News Description

Bookmark Color in Saved State

Saved News List


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