Slide is an open source, ad free Reddit browser for Android. It is based around the Java Reddit API Wrapper.

Slide is available on the Google Play Store and F-Droid.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on F-Droid

There is an active community for Slide on the
/r/slideforreddit subreddit,
which anybody is welcome to join.


If you are able to contribute a translation into a language missing from Slide,
or spot any room for improvement in an existing translation, we greatly
appreciate anything you can assist with!

The project uses Crowdin,
a platform that allows anybody to contribute to translating the app, with as
many words at a time as they want. Crowdin provides a nice interface for
translating, and no knowledge of the code is needed.


If you are a developer and wish to contribute to the app please fork the project
and submit a pull request.

If you have any questions, feel free to
ask in the #android-dev Discord channel or
drop me a message on Reddit.

If this is you first time contributing to the project and want to tackle an
easy issue take a look at the issues labelled Good First Issue. These issues
have been marked as such because we believe they are easier to fix than other issues.