The Sapphire Assistant Framework

If you are looking for an Android assistant that is easy to use, flexible, and respects your privacy then look no further.

The Sapphire Framework is a data aggregation and processing framework for Android that allows users and developers to refine, customize, or develop a mobile assistant tailored to their needs.

Though the Sapphire Framework contains an assistant that works out of the box (no assembly required), it also offers a set of tools to collect and process data, run scripts, and develop custom assistants, while also being capable of utilizing apps designed for existing toy assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.


  • Free and Open Source
  • Doesn’t use Google services
  • Works on Android 7.1 to 11
  • Works entirely offline/on device
  • Highly modular and extensible

I’ve just uploaded a prealpha APK (under releases on github) that can be tried out, but it’s likely to be VERY BUGGY until the Alpha/Beta releases.

More information can be found on the GitHub wiki for this project, which is considered the official source of information. Alternatively you can get in contact with me on Reddit where I’ve set up a subreddit to help out and talk with people interested in the project. If you’re interested in a live chat, you can reach out on matrix at

If you’d like to donate to help support this project (the sooner I can buy out my work contract, the sooner I can do this full time) you can donate to