GCP backed Gradle Remote Cache

An implementation of the Gradle Remote Cache that’s backed by Google Cloud Storage buckets.

Using the plugin

In your settings.gradle.kts file add the following

plugins {
    id("androidx.build.gradle.gcpbuildcache") version "1.0.0-alpha01"

buildCache {
    remote(androidx.build.gradle.gcpbuildcache.GcpBuildCache::class) {
        projectId = "foo"
        bucketName = "bar"
        serviceAccountPath = File("path/to/credentials.json")
        isPush = inCi
  • projectId, bucketName, and serviceAccountPath are required
  • isPush defaults to false.


Set up the following environment variables for service account credentials to run all the test.

# Gradle Cache Service Account Path
export GRADLE_CACHE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_PATH=$HOME/.gradle-cache/androidx-dev-prod-build-cache-writer.json


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