Gradle Tasks

Resource Processing

  • generatePotFile – Generates a src/frontendMain/resources/i18n/messages.pot translation template file.


  • compileKotlinFrontend – Compiles frontend sources.
  • compileKotlinBackend – Compiles backend sources.


  • frontendRun – Starts a webpack dev server on port 3000
  • backendRun – Starts a dev server on port 8080


  • frontendBrowserWebpack – Bundles the compiled js files into build/distributions
  • frontendJar – Packages a standalone “web” frontend jar with all required files into build/libs/*.jar
  • backendJar – Packages a backend jar with compiled source files into build/libs/*.jar
  • jar – Packages a “fat” jar with all backend sources and dependencies while also embedding frontend resources into build/libs/*.jar


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