JBytedit – Java bytecode editor

JBytedit was a free, fully featured graphical Java Bytecode editor made by (Matthew Dupraz). This is an archival copy of that project with minor changes to make it more accessible. The original git commits are retained.to a certain point (0.3.0).


JBytedit aims for easy code inspection and manipulation, no matter in which JVM based language it is coded.

It comes with an easy-to-use and stable environment as well as a range of advantages over it’s competitors, such as full ASM integration, which makes saving and bytecode manipulation a whole lot versatile, ZKM string deobfuscation and much more.

JBytedit is coded in Kotlin, the new hope for JVM-based languages, which handles a lot of common problems in a innovative manner.

Please, contribute to the development by creating pull requests and issues.


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