Problem Statement

College or University App :

An app which could help your fellow students or faculty or college.

Proposed Solution

Notify is a To Do app which help the user to make notes by adding a new task and specify its priority.

  • Add button: the ‘+’ symbol button helps the user to add a new task to the app. User can add the task name, short description and the priority order of it.

  • Search bar: helps the user to search the particular task in the app.

  • Filter option: arrange the tasks on the basis of priorities.

  • Delete option: allow the user to delete all the tasks present in the app. For the deletion of a particular task user can find the delete option when he navigate to that particular task.

Functionality & Concepts Used

  • The app has a very simple and interactive interface filled with micro interactions and animations.

  • It helps the students to add notes and filter according to priority.

  • We have used Navigation Component which runs on the principle of using one activity and multiple fragments.

  • Recycler View : To present the list of notes. We have used a Staggered Grid Layout for the recycler view as showing as a list seems too old nowadays. Visually, staggered grid looks better for this app.

  • LiveData & Room Database : We are also using LiveData to update & observe any changes along with Room Database to store the notes that are added.

Application Link & Future Scope

Link to download the application. Click here to download the app from Google Drive.

AS a future scope, we have planned many new features to be added to the project.

  • Addition of voice notes.
  • Reminders for some tasks
  • Task feature to strike off completed ones.
  • Login and Signup using Firebase
  • Cloud storage of user data.

These are some of the features that we think are necessary and we are working on it and in future we will be adding them.

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