News App

This app allows the users to get top news about their countries. In the following figure, you can find the developed architecture:


App consists in two main screens: one for showing the new´s list and another for displaying a new´s details.

News Screen

In this screen, the user can see the top news from his country. To get their countries, app will get his location through FuseLocation. Before retrieveing user´s location, app will ask him to grant location permissions, so, If user rejects granting permissions, it will fetch US top news. News are stored in a room database and they will be refreshed each day. Additionally, News are fetched from the NewApi.

New´s Details Screen

When user taps in a new, app will display a new screen where it shows more information about the desired new. Image will be loaded via Glide.

Getting Started

In this section you can find Instructions for how to get a copy of the project running on your local machine.


- Android studio 4.2
- Gradle 6.7.1


Step by step explanation of how to get a dev environment running.

1. Clone or download project.
2. Create a file in the root directory of the project.
3. Get an API key from NewsApi and save it under "NEWS_API" name: NEWS_API="".
4. Get an API key from NewsApi and save it under "OPEN_WEATHER_API" name: OPEN_WEATHER_API="".



Built With

  • News Api – API for retrieving news from different countries.
  • Open Weather API – API for fetching the weather from different countries.
  • Reverse Geocoding – API for getting user country passing his location.