Popular Movies

This Android Application fetches Popular and Top-Rated movies from TheMovieDB API and show them in a user-friendly interface. It was originally written in Java and then converted step by step into Kotlin.

For Java version, click here.

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  1. Browse Popular and Top-Rated Movies
  2. Once loaded, the movie data is saved for offline access
  3. Star a movie to mark it as a favorite for easy access
  4. Landscape/Portrait Orientation Support

Libraries Used

  • LiveData (To observe data changes)
  • ViewModel (To persist data under configuration changes)
  • Room (To create and manage database)
  • Volley (For network operations)
  • Picasso (For loading and caching images)
  • Gson (To handle JSON parsing)
  • ~ButterKnife (To bind the views)~ Kotlin Android Extensions


Home Screen Movie Detail Screen
PopularMovieszc PopularMoviesb
Favorites Feature Extra Movie Details
PopularMoviesz PopularMovies

Get Started

  1. Clone and open the project.
  2. Put your API_KEY in C:\Users\<Username>\.gradle\gradle.properties with the name POPULAR_MOVIES_KEY.
  3. Run the project!