This is an Android app that pulls the credit score information from a given endpoint and displays the records as a donut view. The donut displays the correct value received from the endpoint and uses the percentage to fill its outline.

Figure 1: The app’s wireframe.

Project Structure

  • Modularization: By Feature
    • App module: This links the feature(s) together. In this scenario, it starts the feature implemented (when the app is launched).
    • Feature module: This manages the task’s feature (with a perspective of adding more features in the future).
    • Library module: This manages the resources that are shared among multiple features/modules.
  • Architectural Pattern: MVVMI [Model-View-ViewModel-Interactor(UseCase)]
  • Asynchronous/Multithreading Operations: Kotlin Coroutines
  • Architectural Components
    • ViewModel
    • LiveData
    • ViewBinding
    • LifeCycle
    • Navigation
  • Dependency Injection: Koin
  • Networking: Retrofit
  • UI/Unit Tests: Espresso & JUnit


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