Movies App

An Android app consuming MovieDb API to display list of movies, built with Compose, MVVM pattern as well as Architecture Components.

Min Api Level: 21

Build System : Gradle


This project uses the Gradle build system. To build this project, use the gradlew build command or use “Import Project” in Android Studio.


The app loads the the movies from the api and displays them in a list. When the Movie is clicked the app navigates to the Details Screen which shows more details.


The app is built using the Modular MVVM architectural pattern and makes heavy use of a couple of Android Jetpack components. MVVM allows for the separation of concern which also makes testing easier. The app has composable screen that communicates to ViewModel which in turn communicates to the usecase which communicates with Repository to get data.


The Data tests are located in the unit tests folder on the data module. To run the tests, run ./gradlew data:test, results will be posted on data/build/test-results


Libraries used in the whole application are:

  • Jetpack?
    • Viewmodel – Manage UI related data in a lifecycle conscious way
    • Compose – A modern declarative way to build android ui
    • Paging 3 used for paging
  • Retrofit – Type-safe HTTP client and supports coroutines out of the box. Used for the network calls.
  • Gson – Used to convert JSON to Java/Kotlin classes for the Retrofit
  • okhttp-logging-interceptor
    • logs HTTP request and response data.
  • kotlinx.coroutines – Library Support for coroutines
  • Hilt – Used for Dependency injection
  • Coil – Allows for fetching and displaying of images in the composables



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