Advanced Android Weather App using MVVM Architecture Sample (ViewModel + LiveData + Kotlin + volley) = Weather App


  • MVVM Architecture is one of the most popular and latest architecture to develop a maintanable and managable codebase.
  • Advanced WyyK Weather App is an Android App build with MVVM Architecture using Kotlin language and Volley network calling library.
  • The app shows your current location, and a list of cities showing current temperature of the city. (I used a total of 20 cities to display on the recycler view).
  • When a city is clicked, it will direct user to deatailed fragment whereby user will be able to see the current weather state (Shown in the screenshots below) of the city and forecast of the next 6 days. User can add city to his/her favorite lists.
  • To add a city to favorite list, User will have to create an account so that data will not be lost if app is uninstalled or data is cleared.



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