Walt.ID SSI Kit

The Walt.ID SSI Kit is a holistic SSI solution, with primarily focus on the European EBSI/ESSIF ecosystem.

The core services are in the scope of:

  • Key Management generation, import/export
  • Decentralized Identifier (DID) operations (register, update, deactivate)
  • Verifiable Credential (VC) operations (issue, present, verify)
  • ESSIF/EBSI related Use Cases (onboarding, VC exchange, etc.)

The ESSIF/EBSI functions are in the scope of:

  • Onboarding ESSIF/EBSI onboarding a natural person/legal entity including the DID creation and registration
  • Enable Trusted Issuer process for entitling a leagal entity to become a Trusted Issuer in the ESSIF ecosystem.
  • Credential Issuance protocols and data formats for issuing W3C credentials from an Trusted Issuer to a natural person.
  • Credential Verification verification facilities in order to determine the validity of a W3C verifiable credential aligned with ESSIF/EBSI standards

The library is written in Kotlin/Java based library and can be directly integrated as Maven/Gradle dependency. Alternatively the library or the additional Docker container can be run as RESTful webservice.

The CLI tool conveniently allows running all included functions manually.


The documentation is hosted at: https://docs.walt.id/ssikit/

Direct links for using the SSI Kit are:


This project demonstrates how to integrate & use the SSI Kit in any Kotlin/Java app: https://github.com/walt-id/waltid-ssikit-examples


The SSI Kit by walt.id is Open Source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.