An simple xposed module that helps you fully control your location.


Currently, you may return custom location to specific apps.


Early Alpha version / 早期版本

This module is still in early developement stage. No guarantee whether it will works or not.


Targeted in Android 12. Previous versions may also work.

适配 Android 12。以前的版本也许也能用。

Usage / 使用方法

  1. Download & activate this module, then restart. 下载并激活该模块,并重启手机

  2. Select applications that you want to take ownership. 选择你想要接管权限的应用

  3. Customize the longtitude & latitude you want to return to these apps. 设置你想要给这些应用返回的自定义经纬度

  4. That’s all. No reboot required. 完成。不需要重启,实时生效。

Scope / 作用域

You should only select Android Framework. 你只应选择 Android 框架作为作用域。


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