Calculator App

The Calculator Plus provides simple and advanced mathematical functions for day to day use. It is packed with different themes and designs for everyone. Its design is inspired by Google's Material Design. It is very efficient calculator with advanced error handling. It is designed to handle errors intelligently.

Why use Calculator Plus

  1. Light weight
    It is very light app, only 2.5 MB of size.

  2. User friendly design
    Inspired by Google's material design.

  3. No Ads whatsoever
    Free to use with no hidden charges or ads.

  4. Smart calculations
    It uses smart calculations to figure out what you are typing and automatically finds the result.

  5. Smart corrections
    It tries to correct the equations if they are not valid.

  6. Very flexible
    Very flexible design and can be easily used on any display size or even in multi-window mode.

  7. Very precise
    It gives you precise results up to 10 decimal places

  8. Updated regularly
    It is updated regularly with new designs and features, adapting new android versions.

  9. Very robust
    It has a strong error handling methods which doesn't allow it it fail easily.

  10. Battery friendly
    It is very efficient battery wise. It uses about 20% less battery compared to a normal calculator

Uses Smart Brackets resolution to solve all types of equations