Socket Weather

Inspired by Shifty Jelly's retired Pocket Weather, this app makes use of a completely undocumented API from Australia's Bureau of Meteorology. It might break at a moment's notice, but while it's up we can enjoy a simple weather app.


What API are you hitting?

I stumbled upon All requests and responses have been modelled after poking and prodding that endpoint.

Where are the Fragments?

Not here. The codebase actually unironically used something similar to FragNums in the early stages of its development before swapping to Conductor. Although Conductor isn't being actively maintained anymore, it's well battle tested at this point and provides a simpler API compared to Fragments.

What's with all the weird Flow stuff?

This app was used as a means to learn how to use Kotlin's Flow and coroutines. It's quite possible that there are much better ways to achieve certain things. Feel free to submit a PR with any improvements.