Mirai Face


A powerful Minecraft Server Software coming from the future

Mirai is ❗under heavy development❗ and contributions are welcome!



  • 30% faster hoppers over Paper.
  • Improved entity performance from a reduction in ticking entity behavior based on how far away they are from the player.
  • Reduced GC times & frequency from removing useless allocations, which also improves CPU performance.
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption from avoiding sending useless entity packets.
  • Fast raytracing which improves performance of any entity which utilizes line of sight, mainly Villagers.
  • Built-in profiler which has 0 performance hit and easy to read metrics for both server owners and developers.
  • Faster crafting, reduction in uselessly loaded chunks, entity ticking, block ticking, bat spawning…
  • New NBT cache which reduces a lot of I/O operations from the main thread while preserving correct data.
  • Pre-tweaked configuration files to reach optimal performance with minimal impact on normal behaviors.
  • IP and login location hiding feature, which adds another security layer in the logs.
  • Removed metrics, no one can collect data, not even us.
  • Bugfixes for several Minecraft issues.
  • Safer methods for Vanilla calls.
  • Plugin compatibility with Spigot & Paper plugins.


The latest JAR file can be downloaded from the release/1.17 branch. You can also clone this repository and build it yourself.

If you are interested in making a fork, check out this template here!


If you want to avoid the patching system:

./gradlew clean applyPatches && ./gradlew build

Otherwise, in order to distribute, you need a paperclip file:

./gradlew clean applyPatches && ./gradlew paperclipJar


Patches are licensed under GPL-3.0.
All other files are licensed under MIT.