TimezoneDB is an easy, cross-platform method of keeping track of others’ timezones.

Project motivation

Now more than ever, people across the world are connected by the internet in new and exciting ways. As amazing and cool as this is, it also brings to light one small problem: time differences. This becomes especially noticable in instant message platforms like Discord or on social media. A great many people already put their timezone in a bio or a status, in an effort to help other users determine their time.

The goal of this project is to allow people to set their timezone in a standardized way. Other users of our tools will automatically see their timezone and their current time in a semantic location on their profile. The concept is similar to PronounDB but focused on timezone coordination rather than pronouns.

Project goals

My primary goals for the project is to allow users to set a timezone and other users to see their timezone and current time via application extensions. There will be no secondary or tertiary goals.


The following is the order in which I want to get things done, with no set time constraints.

  1. Get data structure fleshed out for essential data – time logic
  2. API auth and account routes
  3. Account settings page on site
  4. API public routes
  5. Public profiles and proifile pages
  6. Browser extension
  7. Powercord plugin


All of the essential API logic for the project can be found under the api directory and is written in Kotlin. Ktor is used for HTTP handling.

All supported platform integrations will be included in subdirectories of the platforms directory.

The website code will be kept inside of the site directory and written using Typescript and a TBD framework.

Before you contribute, we ask that you have a working knowledge of HTTP services and the languages we are using to facilitate such communications in this project (Kotlin & Typescript). We also ask that you respect our users, employees and fellow contributors when contributing to our software.


This software is licenced under the MIT License, © 2022-CURRENT Synapse Technologies, LLC.

You are free to reuse our work commercially but we ask that if you find our software useful, please reach out to us so that we can showcase how our software is being used.


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