A Paper fork designed for Wolfx Survial, may useful for some “Semi-Vanilla” Server.


  • Allow sand duping
  • Allow void trading
  • Change TPS and MSPT command color
  • Include some Pufferfish optimizations (faster chunk tick, faster block tick, faster entity tick)
  • Fix Optimise WorldServer notify patch memory leak (PaperMC/Paper#6983)


You can download the latest JAR file at Actions.

Building and setting up

Initial setup

Run the following commands in the root directory:

./gradlew applyPatches

Creating a patch

Patches are effectively just commits in either WolfxPaper-API or WolfxPaper-Server.
To create one, just add a commit to either repo and run ./gradlew rebuildPatches, and a
patch will be placed in the patches folder. Modifying commits will also modify its
corresponding patch file.


Use the command ./gradlew build to build the API and server. Compiled JARs
will be placed under WolfxPaper-API/build/libs and WolfxPaper-Server/build/libs.

To get a purpurclip jar, run ./gradlew createReobfPaperclipJar.
To install the wolfxpaper-api and wolfxpaper dependencies to your local Maven repo, run ./gradlew publishToMavenLocal


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