A novel Android app repository with a focus on security, privacy and usability.

Note: Accrescent is not yet ready for production usage. Consider all software
and services run by this organization as in an “alpha” stage and fit only for
testing and development.


The Google Play Store is the de-facto app store in the Android ecosystem.
However, many users are unsatisfied with some of its practices and policies such
as mandatory Play App Signing for new apps and the need for a Google account to
use the store. These users often turn to F-Droid, which fails to adhere to the
Android security model and provide timely and secure app updates from a
repository with strict minimum security requirements.

Accrescent aims to provide an accessible app store with modern security features
and strict minimum requirements for apps in its repository.


The name “Accrescent” and the Accrescent logo are common law trademarks owned by
the Accrescent project. All other parties are forbidden from using Accrescent’s
name and branding, as are derivatives of Accrescent. Derivatives include, but
are not limited to forks and unofficial builds.


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